Diamond Blender

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  • Diamond Blender
  • Diamond Blender
  • Diamond Blender
  • Diamond Blender
  • Diamond Blender
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Base Beauty's original Diamond Blender is a silicone makeup applicator designed to give you the most hygienic and flawless application every time without any wasted makeup! The specially designed precision tip allows you to target under the eye and around the nose effortlessly, whilst the curved base is perfect for applying and blending out larger areas of your face.

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  • Bye bye bacteria!
    Designed with health and hygiene in mind; the Diamond Blender is made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone (with a sprinkle of cosmetic-grade glitter) that will not store any breakout-causing bacteria or dirt.
  • No more wasted makeup!
    Ever washed your brushes or foam blender and been shocked how much makeup washes down the drain? The Diamond Blender puts an end to that problem, developed with a non-porous surface it will not soak up any of your expensive liquid makeup.
  • Flawless application
    Silky smooth, soft and flexible the Diamond Blender can be used to apply not only foundation but any liquid or cream makeup such as concealer, BB Cream, CC Cream, blush, highlighter and contour.
  • Easy to clean
    Simply wash with warm water and soap, or even a makeup wipe and within seconds it’s as good as new! Perfect for multi-applications and incredibly convenient for on-the-go use!
  • Top quality 
    Unlike many silicone blenders that are actually made from PU, the Diamond Blender is made from the highest medical-grade silicone and cosmetic grade glitter designed for long lasting performance and is not tested on animals. 

How to use: apply a small amount of product directly to the Diamond Blender (believe us, a little goes a long way with this blender so you use half the amount of product!) and use circular motions to distribute across your face, jaw and neck. Then dab repeatedly onto your skin to blend out the product and create a flawless finish - the precision tip will help you blend those hard to reach areas such as under your eyes and around your nose. 

How to clean: It's super hygienic and easy to care for; simply wash with warm water and soap or clean with a makeup wipe and it's as good as new!